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Concrete Embedment Strain Gages


These Strain Gages are designed for direct embedment in concrete. The 4200 (standard model) has a 153 mm gage length and 1 µε sensitivity and is commonly used for strain measurements in foundations, piles, bridges, dams, tunnel linings, etc. The 4210 has a 250 mm gage length making it particularly suitable for use in large aggregate concrete. The 4202 is designed for laboratory use and/or where there are space limitations. Low modulus versions, for measuring concrete curing strains, are also available 




Standard Range


3000 µε


3000 µε


3000 µε

Resolution 1.0 µε 0.4 µε 0.4 µε
Accuracy¹ ±0.5% F.S. ±0.5% F.S. ±0.5% F.S.
Nonlinearity <0.5% F.S. <0.5% F.S. <0.5% F.S.
Temperature Range -20°C to +80°C -20°C to +80°C -20°C to +80°C
Active Gage Length 153 mm 51 mm 250 mm²