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Multiple Point Rod Extensometers, Snap-Ring Anchor


Multiple Point Rod Extensometers, Snap-Ring Anchor

Model A-4

The Model A-4 Multiple Point Rod Extensometer with Snap-Ring Anchors is quickly and easily installed in boreholes in hard or competent rock. Anchors are pushed to the required depth on the end of setting rods and then a cord is pulled to remove the locking pin which allows two retaining rings on each anchor to snap outward and grip the borehole. Up to eight anchors can be installed, at various depths, in a 76 mm diameter borehole. Particularly useful in upward directed boreholes.




Standard Range


up to 300 mm nominal

Least Reading 0.025 mm
Borehole Diameter¹ 38 mm to 76 mm
Maximum Length 50 m

¹Any borehole diameter up to 76 mm may be specified. Note that the size of the borehole required increases with the addition of more measuring points.