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PinPoint Bolt-on Sensor Sleeve


The PinPoint Bolt-on Sensor Sleeve is a two-piece assembly that carries an array of electrodes, thermocouples and current input points. The sensor array is installed on the outside of a pipeline to detect internal corrosion initiation and to monitor growth. Electrical contact of the electrodes is made using cuppoint set screws that are positioned through special inserts in the fibreglass sleve. This innovation overcomes the time consuming process of welding on individual electrodes, as is used in older  technologies. A cover assembly is installed prior to backfill creating a watertight seal for all components and cable terminations. The removable sleeve design allows for pre-calibration of the probe array to establish a baseline electrical field for un-corroded pipe thicknesses. The sleeve can be installed as a permanent fixture or relocated to various, same diameter monitoring locations if required. Pre-assembled wiring harnesses with quick-connect fittings facilitate rapid installation and removal.


  • Non-conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester; vacuum molded according to pipe
  • diameter
  • Sleeve Length: 3' or 6' (1m or 2m)
  • Sensor Array - Electrical Connections: Electrodes and Thermocouples. 256 pairs on 3' sleeve; 512 on 6' sleeve
  • 2 x Current Input points.