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The BOF-EX is best described as a multiple-point single tube extensometer. It consists of four main components: the mechanical anchor, the measurement module, the extension tubing and the centralizers. An installation consists of a number of measurement modules, in series in a borehole, each one being mounted on the length of extension tubing required to span a lower and upper
mechanical anchor. Displacement measurement is therefore made in the hole, in sections distributed along the borehole length.


Kami sangat menyarankan anda untuk menggunakan data loggeratau data acquisition agar pemantauan menjadi lebih efisien dan cepat.



  • In-the-hole watertight movement sensing modules
  • Adapts to any linear displacement transducers (Vibrating wire, Potentiometer, LVDT and Fiber optic)
  • Capacity of 10 modules in series in an “N” size borehole
  • Special mechanical anchor permits complete retrievability
  • No protruding part above rock surface
  • Excellent mechanical stability to blast vibrations
  • Allows for remote reading and datalogging
  • Modular system easily and rapidly installed
  • High accuracy