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The DiTeSt SMARTape strain sensors are designed for distributed deformation (average strain) monitoring over long distances.


The DiTeSt SMARTape sensor consists of a single mode optical fibre embedded in a fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite tape. The tape itself provides high mechanical, chemical and temperature resistance. The size of the tape makes the sensor easy to transport and install. The SMARTape sensor is designed for use in harsh environments often found in civil and Oil&Gas engineering applications. It is usually glued to the structures, but can also be clamped or embedded. SMARTape sensors are fully compatible with DiTeSt system. They are delivered on spools and with all the necessary accessories such as the gland nuts (IP65), pigtails and connectors (E-2000, FC-PC or other).


Kami sangat menyarankan anda untuk menggunakan data loggeratau data acquisition agar pemantauan menjadi lebih efisien dan cepat.



  • Distributed strain sensing
  • Wide strain range
  • Mechanically reinforced
  • Extreme temperature environment
  • Chemically resistant
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Light weight & small dimensions